Broncos’ CB Aqib Talib won’t comment on Patriots, Deflategate

Aqib Talib played in New England for one-and-a-half seasons.

So he’s mastered the "Patriot Way" of refusing to comment, especially when it comes to his former team’s latest scandal.

"Ah, no, man, I have no idea," Talib told 9News Denver. "When I was there, Tom didn’t go around telling people about his footballs and stuff like that. I don’t know what happened. That’s a New England problem. We’ve got enough problems to worry about in Denver."

The Broncos’ secondary is not one of those problems. Talib and fellow starter Chris Harris Jr. are one of the league’s top cover duos, so he should have time to answer all Belichick-based questions.

Still, the only Patriots-related issue Talib has on his mind is how the Broncos will replace them as the AFC’s Super Bowl representative in 2015.

"I feel we were recognized enough but if we would have finished later in the season we would have got even more recognition," Talib said. "So that’s what we’re worried about."

(h/t 9News Denver)