Broncos at Saints: 3 things we learned

The Denver Broncos defeated the New Orleans Saints, 25-23 on Sunday afternoon. Here are the three biggest takeaways from the Broncos’ win over the Saints.

The Denver Broncos broke the New Orleans Saints’ hearts on Sunday afternoon. Justin Simmons blocked Wil Lutz’s go-ahead PAT and Will Parks took it to the house for two points. Denver would beat New Orleans on the road, 25-23 in shocking fashion.

Denver improves to 7-3, while New Orleans falls to 4-5. Here are the three biggest takeaways from the Broncos’ Week 10 win over the Saints.

1. Denver can win in hostile road environments.

The Broncos don’t play in domes. They had not been to raucous Mercedes-Benz Superdome in eight years. The crowd noise had to be deafening, but the Broncos found a way to win in the Big Easy on Sunday.

It’s not just playing well in a dome that is important. It is that the Broncos showed that they can win in hostile road environments. In all likelihood, Denver may not end up winning the AFC West this season. Rivals Kansas City and Oakland only have two losses on the year while the Broncos have three.

In the past, Denver needed home field advantage to win in the AFC Playoffs. This win over the Saints showed us that the Broncos can win in a dome like Houston or even on the road outdoors in Arrowhead, Oakland, and maybe even Foxborough.

2. Poor goal line execution has ruined the Saints twice this year.

There is something about the Saints and goal line situations this year. They’ve lost twice during conversions after touchdowns. New Orleans lost in Week 1 at home to the Raiders by virtue of a Derek Carr two-point conversion pass.

On Sunday, kicker Wil Lutz had his game-winning extra points blocked by Justin Simmons and return for two points by Denver’s Will Parks. It had to have brought up horrible memories of the end of the River City Relay, right?

Losing to a strong team like the Broncos in that kind of fashion may not be something that the Saints can overcome this year. That’s about as soul-crushing of a defeat one can have at home. It was an absolute swing on the momentum pendulum. It’s tough being a Saints fan on Sunday evening.

3. Trevor Siemian just hit his NFL ceiling.

Denver has to come to the harsh reality that this was the peak of what quarterback Trevor Siemian can do in the NFL. Sure, he hung tough with a future Pro Football Hall of Famer in Drew Brees on the road, but he couldn’t throw for 300+ yards in a dome game against an awful Saints secondary.

The Broncos are appreciative of Siemian’s abilities as a game-manager, but a more refined Paxton Lynch would have had a field day against the same Saints defense. Lynch is clearly the future in Denver and everybody knows that.

Denver can contend in the AFC this season, but the Broncos will not be able to win multiple playoff games this season with Siemian at quarterback. His best game as a passer is a below-average performance for someone in shouting distance of Brees.

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