Brock Olivo hired to be Denver Broncos ST Coordinator

Denver Broncos: Team hires Brock Olivo to be ST Coordinator.  After interviewing a variety of candidates, the Broncos have hired KC assistant Brock Olivo. How does he fit and what will he bring to the Broncos? Let’s take a look.

The NFL is a fluid business. One day, you’re coaching in Carolina, the next, you’re in a moving van heading to California.  The life of a typical NFL coach is one that is built on wheels.  For many coaches, this time of year presents a new job opportunity.  For Broncos Vance Joseph, this is a very crucial time in his Head Coaching career.

While the Head Coach gets most of the headlines, it is his assistants that do more than their fair share of the work to ensure that the team is ready to win games every week.  As soon as Joseph’s introductory press conference was over, he was on the phone making moves for his staff. While much of the offensive and defensive side fell into place, special teams was a whole other story.

With Joe DeCamillias’ sudden departure for Jacksonville, the Broncos had to be on the hunt for a new Special Teams Coordinator.  After interviewing a variety of candidates, it appears that they have found their guy to oversee the unit.

There you have it. KC assistant special teams coach, Brock Olivo, will be the Broncos new ST Coordinator.  Olivo has had an interesting football life. It’s a life that has spanned nearly 20 years and multiple countries for professional football. He spent four years in the NFL as a RB and ST ace for the Detroit Lions before playing professional football in Italy for a while.

As far as coaching experience goes, he spent time in the college and semi-pro ranks before he became the assistant ST coach for the Chiefs in 2014.

As a player, Olivo was known as a tenacious and furious player. Hopefully, that attitude will translate into the Broncos style of play on Special Teams.  It also didn’t hurt that he worked under Dave Toub, who is considered to be the best ST Coach in the league.  This looks like another promising hire for Vance Joseph and the Denver Broncos.  Welcome to Denver, Brock Olivo!

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