Bride surprises hubby with Deflategate-themed groom’s cake

The Deflategate scandal continues to live on.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The New England Patriots’ Deflategate scandal has permeated a whole new market — desserts. Wedding cakes, to be specific.

Enter new bride Liz Gigliotti, a New York Giants fan who recently exchanged vows with Pats fan Dave. In the tradition of brides getting their dream wedding and having every detail to their level of perfection, Liz had an intricate cake that was to her liking. It was also a very special groom’s cake that came completely at the expense of her new hubby’s fandom.

Not only did the “Deflate-cake” feature a slightly concave football, but it also was topped with a Tom Brady figurine sporting a sequined dress and red pumps.

Gigliotti’s husband showed why he was a keeper by being a good sport and indulging in some cake frosting. Clearly, this couple is above even the most bitter of football rivalries.

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