Brett Favre: I’d vote for Dak Prescott as NFL MVP

Dak Prescott has made some of the biggest NFL legends fans of him with his play this season, and Brett Favre gave the Dallas Cowboys rookie QB perhaps the ultimate compliment.

Favre said that while Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers both have been worthy of winning the MVP, the former Green Bay Packers QB would give his vote to Prescott.

“You know, I said probably five or six weeks back that Prescott should be strongly considered,” Favre said this week on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I don’t back away from that one bit. I think if you look at statistics you have to say Aaron Rodgers, you have to say Tom Brady, and I think that those are valid candidates.

“But I still believe that Prescott and/or [Ezekiel] Elliott could easily win it. Will they? I don’t think that you should not vote for them because they are rookies. I think you should vote for them, whoever it may be, because of an impact that they made on their team and circumstantially how they performed.

“And, to me, Prescott, I mean, it is hard to even fathom him playing the way he has considering the circumstances. So I probably would vote for him.”

While Prescott has had plenty of help — playing behind Dallas’ awesome O-line; Elliott in the backfield — and not put up the same numbers that the elite veterans have, the fourth-round pick out of Mississippi State has showed great poise in the face of adversity and bounced back from his only two losses: He’s an insane 47-of-56 for 491 yards with 3 TDs and no INTs since his low point in that second loss to the Giants.

Now Prescott can set a rookie record with his 14th win Sunday at Philly … and maybe wrap up that MVP?