Report: Favre told teammate: ‘I choked’

If you’re into NFL lore, strap in, because it doesn’t get a lot more lorey than this.

You probably already remember the NFC Championship Game between the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints in January 2010. Quarterback Brett Favre, at 40 years old, had come out of retirement and played one of the best seasons of his Hall of Fame career. He threw for 4,200 yards, 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions during the 2009 season and led the Vikings to a 12-4 record.

The Vikings appeared on the way to the Super Bowl . . . when this happened:

Favre pulled a Favre, throwing an ill-advised pass . . . on third down . . . in field-goal range . . . across his body . . . that didn’t have a chance. And that’s when, according to backup quarterback Sage Rosenfels, writing for Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback, Favre fessed up.

"I choked," Favre said.

According to Rosenfels, this is what happened next:

"I paused for a second and said, ‘Brett, you are the most amazing football player I’ve ever seen. It has been an unreal experience to watch you play this year.’ I can’t really describe the look he gave me, but I can tell those words meant something to him."