Breaking: Percy Harvin Rejoins Buffalo Bills

Former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Percy Harvin comes out of retirement, joins Bills.

Another week, another shocking announcement by the Buffalo Bills.

But this time it was a good kind of shocking.

Percy Harvin is back. According to his agent Greg Barnett, Harvin came out of retirement and re-signed with the Bills for the remainder of the season.

Remember the excitement of the Bills fan base when Harvin was signed two offseasons ago, and then performed really well for four weeks? Well, multiply that by five.

The Bills were desperate for wide receiver help and needed to make some kind of move. Not only was coaxing Harvin out of retirement for a $1 million deal a good move, but it makes complete sense.

Harvin already knows the playbook and was Tyrod Taylor’s favorite target last year, and it looks like that still hasn’t changed.

With the injury to Marquise Goodwin, Harvin immediately fills the deep-threat void and can work well out of the slot. Not only will Harvin help take some pressure off of his fellow pass catchers, but defenses will be forced to respect him and won’t be able to fill the box against the run.

Harvin is a year-plus removed from his last game, which should have given him plenty of time to get healthy from the hip injury that caused him to retire. And unlike positions along the line or at linebacker, wide receiver is a place where extended time off shouldn’t be a huge factor as far as getting back in game shape. Just look at what Josh Gordon did in 2013 after his suspension.

Not only will this Harvin signing immediately impact the Bills on the field, but the team-friendly deal allows the front office to make another move before the 4 p.m. trade deadline if they so choose. They might stay put but they have the option at the very least.

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Oh, and by the way, the Bills face the Seattle Seahawks Monday. You know Harvin wanted to be back for that.

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