Brandon Allen: The Needed Change For The Struggling Offense

If Blake Bortles struggles against the Indianapolis Colts, the Jacksonville Jaguars have got to make the change to rookie quarterback Brandon Allen.

For the first three games, Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback Blake Bortles has struggled, to say the least.  At what point is a change at the quarterback position warranted? Tomorrow’s game in London is rookie quarterback Brandon Allen‘s golden opportunity if given the chance.

Jacksonville has scored a total of 24 points in the first half but only seven points since scoring 17 in week one.  Bortles has really struggled since that ill fated fourth and one against Green Bay.  So when do you send the message that his performance is unacceptable?

If head coach Gus Bradley‘s job depends upon winning and ultimately making the playoffs, then there is no question that the change at quarterback needs to be made.  Not to mention, Chad Henne has had his opportunities and is deemed to be a career back up.

Starting the season at 0-3, the Jaguar head coach has got to send the message to his players that losing is unacceptable.  Not only is losing unacceptable; but no job is safe, irregardless of the position.  Perhaps a shock to the Jaguar psyches needed to shake up the team’s attitude.

How does Brandon Allen change the Jaguars offense at QB?

First and foremost, he is not Blake Bortles.

Second, the scouting report coming out of the NFL combine says:

comfortable under center and is effective on bootlegs and rollouts. …Good catch­-and­-run ball placement on crossing routes. Sneaky arm talent. Able to pump fake, re­set and throw with accuracy. Swift setup in the pocket with a prompt release. Gets ball out in rhythm in rollouts. Rotates hips through throws for quality velocity. Arm to make NFL throws and has drive velocity and accuracy to challenge tight windows in middle of the field. Able to extend plays outside the pocket and find a throw or scramble for first downs.

Now the flip side in the scouting report says:

smallish frame takes hard hits when he runs. Benefited from play-­action based passing attack…Rarely looks to take deep shots down the sideline against man coverage. Not asked to get through very many progressions and brings safeties to his throws by staring down his targets… When pocket heats up, he will drop eyes and look to bolt.

Bradley should turn the reigns over to Brandon Allen if the Jaguars stumble out of the gate.

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