Brady Quinn says Johnny Football should stay out of Vegas

There are a number of people who could give advice to Johnny Manziel about what it takes to be successful in Cleveland.

Brady Quinn is probably not one of them, but that didn’t stop the former Cleveland Browns quarterback and current free agent from passing on some words of wisdom to Johnny Football.  

Manziel made waves over Memorial Day weekend when photos of him living it up with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski in Las Vegas went viral.

The rookie quarterback received some criticism for his weekend of partying, and some of that came from the guy who has been in his shoes before.

Quinn, who, like Manziel, was drafted by Cleveland with the No. 22 overall pick in 2007, appeared on ESPN on Tuesday and suggested that the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner would be wise to stay away from preseason excursions in Sin City in the future.

Quinn failed to become the franchise quarterback the Browns envisioned him to be when they took him in the first round, so if Manziel can fulfill that role, Cleveland will likely be more than happy to look past how he spends his offseason.