Blake Bortles throws game away against Denver Broncos

Blake Bortles, quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, continued his trend of making mistakes, literally throwing the game away against the Denver Broncos.

Bortles threw his 11th pick-six of his career, the most since 2014 when he entered the league, which turned out to be the score that mattered in a 20-10 loss to the Denver Broncos.

The pick-six was paired with another interception off a receiver’s hands and a fumble with the Jacksonville Jaguars’ comeback hopes on the line. The Broncos recovered and that essentially put the game away with less than two minutes left. The Broncos added a field goal following the fumble to pull ahead by 10.

It was yet another game in which the Jaguars outgained the opponent. In this case they racked up over 100 more yards of offense. The mistakes, once again, killed all hope of a win.

The Jags defense continued to step up. They only allowed the Broncos to convert one third down all game (7.7 percent) but the Jags offense just kept giving the Broncos opportunities. The defense has to be tired of almost giving the team a chance to win and seeing everyone fall short.

New offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett has made the offense look far more threatening in his short tenure after replacing Greg Olson, but the offense continues to make mistakes. Many of those mistakes are due to the error-prone passing of Bortles, but it also comes from poor play by the wide receivers and a lack of running game.

In this Week 13 game, the Jags relied on Denard Robinson as the lead rusher, accumulating 53 yards before missing much of the latter half of the game. T.J. Yeldon finished slightly ahead of him at 55 yards. In the end, both running backs combined for just 108 yards on 31 carries.

The lack of the ability to run effectively behind a threatening back and the mistakes in the passing game doomed the Jags again. In the end, with the game on the line, Bortles literally threw the game away.

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