Blake Bortles Is The Starting QB Regardless of How He Plays

Blake Bortles has a free reign as the starting quarterback.  He is Jacksonville’s quarterback regardless of how he plays.  Currently the Jacksonville Jaguars are 2-8.

Head Coach Gus Bradley stated recently that Blake Bortles is the Jacksonville Jaguar starting quarterback.  Regardless of how he plays, Bortles will not be benched.  Bortles is not playing at the level starting NFL quarterbacks should play.

In Detroit, Bortles was able to duplicate two things that he did against the Houston Texans.  He threw a pick six and threw an interception off a Jaguar’s foot.  Those are two feats that will never be duplicated again in NFL history regardless who the quarterback is.

Last week the pick six put Houston up early 7-0.  In Detroit, the pick six lifted Detroit into the lead 16-9 in the third quarter.  After Detroit kicked off, Bortles is the Jaguars quarterback.

Last week Bortles hit T.J. Yeldon in the foot and was intercepted.  The interception was later ruled to be a fumble.  In Detroit, Bortles throws behind his receiver which ends up as a crazy  interception which sealed the Jaguar loss.

The squandered season of 2016 by playing Bortles regardless.

Blake Bortles was drafted to be the face of the franchise in 2014.  Last year, Bortles appeared to be turning the corner into being a top tier quarterback.  Currently, Bortles is just a shell of his 2015 form.  He looks confused and full of stress, yet Bradley keeps throwing him out there.

Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett has simplified the offense but it has not worked.  Dumbing down the offense proves the confusion of Bortles and stress building on his face.  If he is holding back the Jaguar offense, then Bortles should be benched.

It looks like that the Jacksonville Jaguars are content to finish 2-14 with Bortles at quarterback.  Should Bradley be fired after the season, it makes one wonder why he still plays Bortles.  Lets just hope that  Jacksonville gets to draft Deshaun Watson.

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