Bengals Lose In Home Opener But All Hope Not Lost

The Cincinnati Bengals couldn’t find any second half momentum as the Denver Broncos win at Paul Brown Stadium 29-17. However, there is still plenty of time.

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The Cincinnati Bengals were hurt early on with untimely penalties and turnovers. In fact, the Broncos first possession was given three first downs by penalties, five total in the game, but luckily only resulted in a field goal.

The other issues became turnovers. After a huge stop and what looked to be great field position but just when Adam Jones‘ knee looked like it was down. The fumble stood and the officials missed another call, don’t worry the NFL will say not enough evidence once again.

It led to a Broncos touchdown, on a terrible coverage by Adam Jones, giving Emmanuel Sanders room, and no help over the top. The offense was no better with four sacks allowed on Dalton and one interception thrown.

Jeremy Hill was better in his running attack. He ran 17 times for 97 yards and two touchdowns. It was his best game so far this year but not enough to lift the Bengals to a win. Giovani Bernard did not look good on the ground, carrying the ball five times for eight yards. His five receptions for 36 yards was again near the top of the Bengals receiving stats.

The Bengals defense was nothing spectacular either after the first quarter. The Sanders 41-yard touchdown reception, and a 55-yard pass to Demarius Thomas for a touchdown capped off the struggling defense and locked up a Broncos win.

As down as the Bengals looked in their game on Sunday, they remain in reach of their biggest threat of the AFC north. The Pittsburgh Steelers were routed in Philadelphia 34-3, as Carson Wentz proved he was the real deal for the Eagles.

The Baltimore Ravens remained perfect with a last minute field goal against the Jacksonville Jaguars, keeping them perfect. However, all three opponents they have faced are a combined 1-8. They will face a 2-1 Oakland team next week and New York Giants team in three weeks.

The Bengals are not out of this yet, but will need help to be right back in the thick of the race. Don’t forget they must also help themselves.

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