Bengals at Ravens: 5 Questions With The Enemy

The Cincinnati Bengals head to M&T Bank stadium to face off against the Baltimore Ravens. As the Bengals try to find the answers, we turned to Chris Schisler of for answers to our questions.

Stripe Hype: The Baltimore Ravens sit on top of the AFC North at 5-5 (3-0) and control their own destiny. Who will be the key in winning this division?

Chris Schisler: Joe Flacco. The Ravens offense has been absolutely awful. The defense has been tremendous. If the offense was even half way average the Ravens might be a top tier team in the NFL. Flacco has to step up. The schedule is tough. If he continues to struggle this can slip from the Ravens.

SH: What has been the reason for the success in the division to go 3-0, so far?

CS: The Ravens have the Steelers number. They have won four in a row and nine of the last 12. The Browns stink. It is really that simple.

SH: The Cincinnati Bengals have won the last 5 matchup, including 2 at M&T Bank Stadium. What does Baltimore need to do to pull off a W on Sunday?

CS: The Ravens need to run the football. Every time the Ravens abandon the run bad things happen. The defense needs to make this an ugly game.

SH: Who will the Bengals need to worry about, if they want a chance of winning on Sunday?

CS: I’ll give you a name you may not have expected. Michael Pierce has been playing great at the nose guard position. Brandon Williams is a top tier nose. Pierce is playing great and he keeps Williams fresh through the game.

SH: What is the prediction?

CS: Give me the Ravens. I’m not overly confident but they need this one. It should be an ugly defensive game. 17-10 sounds about right.

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