Bengals’ Andy Dalton Is A Super Bowl Caliber Quarterback

When it comes to Andy Dalton, Bengals Nation is torn. The biggest question is if he has the talent to get Cincinnati to the Super Bowl.

When it comes to Andy Dalton there is a lot of debate among Bengals Nation. The biggest question in this debate is: Can Dalton lead the Bengals to a Super Bowl? My answer to this question is…yes he can. Now, I know what your thinking. How can you put your faith in someone who hasn’t even won a playoff game? Just give me a chance to explain.

Dalton led the Bengals to the playoffs in each of his first five seasons. But, that’s old news now. In 2015, he was truly playing at an MVP level. The 2016 season wasn’t as kind to the Bengals, going 6-9-1. But, was that Dalton’s fault? I would say no.

Dalton still threw for over 4000 yards at nearly 65 percent with 18 touchdowns and did this without AJ Green and Tyler Eifert for a large bulk of the season. You have to also consider he ran for his life all year, had no running game to speak of, and did this with his third offensive coordinator who was in his first season.

Now I’ll admit that Andy is no Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. But, who is beside Brady and Rodgers? However, I can say that Dalton is in the second tier and I’ll say that with confidence. I can also reiterate, with much conviction, that Dalton can be a Super Bowl quarterback. But, he cannot do it alone.

The Way It Happens

The Ginger needs help to get to the Big Dance. He needs to repeat what happened during his MVP-caliber season. And that…is weapons. It’s time for the Bengals to go all in and get aggressive in free agency, be it with their own free agents or outside help as well. They don’t have to sign a “dream team” but they can find help at the right price.

The Bengals already have an elite wide receiver in Green, and a superstar, red zone target in Tyler Eifert. But, he needs to stay healthy. If the Bengals can reaffirm the offensive line, bring in an explosive running back–especially in a deep running back draft. They must find a speed receiver to complement Green and go with their promising slot receiver Tyler Boyd and tune up an underrated defense. Then, Dalton has something to work with. I know it sounds like a lot but when you’re looking at 11 draft picks and a nice amount of cap space it can be done.

So the topic of Dalton may be up for debate but I believe most teams would love to have Dalton as their quarterback. What do you think? Can The Red Rifle be a Super Bowl quarterback?

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