Bears make coaching adjustments after 3-13 season

After another harsh season everyone is asking what changes are coming. Following 13 loses the Chicago Bears decide to make adjustments to the coaching staff.

Wednesday morning the announcement was made that two more Bears assistant coaches were knocked off John Fox’s coaching crew. The Bears fired offensive line coach Dave Magazu and assistant secondary coach Sam Garnes. The two coaches have worked with Fox dating back to his season with the Carolina Panthers. Not only has Magazu worked with Fox in Carolina but during the last 14 seasons with Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears as well. Garnes spent four years with the Broncos and two years with the Bears.

According to CSN Chicago, Fox had this to say: “This is foreign territory for me as well as a coach. It is gonna get better. We have the best fans in the league. Even though it may not have been a full house there were some late games there at the end- even though our record wasn’t great- they want a winner and they want it bad, and we’re here to deliver it to them.”

During his Wednesday morning remarks of the team’s 3-13 season performance Fox did not comment on the firing of the two coaches. The message was that there was plenty of room for improvement heading into a new year.

More from CSN: “This won’t happen again,” said Fox as he vowed that this past season record would be the worse that the franchise sees. The Bears had never lost all eight road games and 13 games in a 16-game season.

These two assistant coaches are gone a day after running backs coach Stan Drayton left. With one year left on his contract Drayton left on his own after accepting a position with the University of Texas Longhorns.

“There were different reports throughout the season, again it’s probably too early to say, almost like who you’re going to sign as a player. We’re in that process, guys are under contract,” said Fox.

Fox does not have a high turnover on his coaching staff and has worked with Magazu and Garnes for years. The team has not acknowledged the departure of Magazu and Garnes. It is unknown if the franchise will go outside or promote in-house staff for these empty coaching positions.

Fox did announce during the conference that both defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains will return next season.

“I know there’d be a lot of heavy lifting going into place, and the competitor in me kind of enjoys the process,” said Bears general manger Ryan Pace. “These times are painful, its hard – 3 wins is unacceptable. This off-season is sufficient.”

Curiosity lies at the high degree as the team makes several changes in process to improve for next season.

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