Bart Scott: No NFL player would pull an A-Rod on Goodell

Roger Goodell doesn't take any guff.

Kirby Lee/Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez has even amazed NFL players with his special brand of A-Rod hubris. The New York Yankees star went off on MLB Commissioner Bud Selig in a radio interview on Wednesday and former Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott was watching.

What he saw must have made Scott shake his head. In fact, he joined the Jay Mohr show on Thursday and expressed that.

Mohr: Can you imagine an NFL player going off on Roger Goodell like Alex Rodriguez went off on Bud Selig?

Scott: Never. For him to have the cojones to get up and walk out of a meeting which he brought into judgment for something he did wrong . . . is amazing.

That says a lot of the type of ship that Goodell runs. Roger and his red hair aren’t to be messed with. Now, that’s not say that NFL players are afraid to criticize their commissioner, because we’ve seen that happen plenty of times.

From Drew Brees during Bountygate to James Harrison calling Goodell a "crook" and a "devil."

The big difference? Nobody storms out of meetings.

Scott addressed several topics on Thursday, including what went wrong with the Jets and Jameis Winston.

You can listen to the whole interview HERE.