Baltimore Ravens: Zach Orr is filling a big need

Ozzie Newsome has a knack for picking up undrafted free agents, and Zach Orr has been a pleasant surprise. The defense has been solid with Orr part of the linebacker core.

Zach Orr is a undrafted free agent out of North Texas that signed with the Baltimore Ravens before the 2014 Season. In this beginning of his Raven career, he was a regular as part of the special teams unit. He was also a backup at the linebacker position just to spare the regulars when tired or if they got injured.

This season Orr works as the Ravens starting weak side linebacker. It’s great to see how far he has come since being an undrafted free agent. He’s put in the work and now he’s a starter on a terrific Raven defense.

It goes to show you how good Ozzie Newsome and his scouting department is. He has a knack for finding great players that end up making the team.

Orr has definitely made an impact this season with his 77 tackles. He also sealed the Ravens win against Jacksonville with his interception at the end of the game. Size and speed is what Orr has and that has been missing from the defense since Ray Lewis retired.

The Bottom Line

The good news about Zach Orr is that he’s young and determined to get better each and every game. The more he gets better and can help out a defense that was weak at the linebacker position.

With a core of Mosley and Orr anchoring the defense, the Ravens will be able to focus on other areas of need in many drafts to come. It’s exciting to see what Orr will be able to do with more experience and coaching and I’m looking forward to that.

When the season started inside linebacker was a huge area of concern. When the Ravens cut Daryl Smith, they had a void to fill in their defense. It must be said, Orr has filled the roll better than anyone could have imagined.

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