Baltimore Ravens Who Deserve To Go To The Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl voting is currently available for all fans.  Today I will give you a list of Baltimore Ravens who deserve to go to the Pro Bowl.

Six Baltimore Ravens will make this year’s Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl is a little different these days.  Now they have a draft instead of just playing for your conference, so you might be playing with players in the other conference. I’m not so sure that change has helped the ratings, but it’s another way to add excitement to the game.

The Ravens who will make the Pro Bowl on offense  and special teams will be:

Marshall Yanda: When Yanda isn’t injured, he is one of the top guards in the game. He brings a sense of toughness to the Ravens O-line and that makes them a better club.  When he is out, the Ravens offensive line isn’t the same.  He’s the rock on the offensive line.

Justin Tucker:  Tucker hasn’t missed a field goal all season so far and it pretty automatic. You can always guarantee that he will bust out one of the new popular dances after kicking a game-winning field goal. This should be Tucker’s second Pro Bowl.

The Ravens who will make the Pro Bowl on defense will be:

Timmy Jernigan:  It took Jernigan a few years to live up to his 2nd Round potential, but this season is his breakout season. He’s already made an impact this season and that will translate in his first Pro Bowl selection.

Brandon Williams:  Williams should’ve made the Pro Bowl last season, but was snubbed. I think that woke him up and motivated him even more.  He’s been dominant at nose tackle for the Ravens. This will be first of many more Pro Bowl selections for Williams.

Terrell Suggs:  Just the name itself warrants a Pro Bowl selection, but even an injured Suggs is having a great season. He might not be well liked by fans other than the Ravens, but Suggs is a tremendous talent that is Pro Bowl material almost ever year.

Jimmy Smith:  This should be Jimmy Smith’s first selection to the Pro Bowl.  He’s done an exceptional job for the Raven’s defense shutting down one side of the field. This is his first full season healthy in the NFL and he’s earning the money that was given to him a few offseasons ago.

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