Ravens kicker Justin Tucker not using sinkhole as excuse

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker thought he prepared for everything heading into Sunday's game in San Francisco. 

Knowing that the turf at Levi's Stadium has had its issues, Tucker took practice kicks from all over the field in pregame warmups, but apparently he missed a spot. Tucker's plant foot gave way on a 45-yard attempt early in the fourth quarter, causing him to miss a kick that would've closed the Ravens deficit to 19-16. While it was obvious that the turf sunk below his plant leg, Tucker isn't blaming anyone but himself for the miss.

“I’ve never experienced anything quite like that,” Tucker said via the team's official website. “My foot just dug so deep into the ground. It really is no excuse though. It’s a critical point in the game, and I got to make that kick, and I got to come through for everybody in this room. The fact of the matter is I just didn’t. The only thing you can do is just go out there and try to make the next kick.”

The surface at Levi's Stadium as been re-sodded five times in the last 15 months, and the 49ers had to cancel a training camp practice open to the public this summer because of safety concerns with the turf. 

Tucker still made his other two attempts and both of his extra points, leading him to believe that he just caught an unlucky patch.

“It’s was something that maybe that particular spot – one spot out of 100 yards, and 53 1/3 yards – that I happened to plant on and it just went out from under me.” 

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