Baltimore Ravens Get 4th Straight Win Against Steelers

The Baltimore Ravens have won four games in a row against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens have practically owned their division rival, winning 9 of the last 12 games against Pittsburgh.

The score of the Baltimore Ravens much needed win depicts a much closer game than we actually saw. The Ravens led 21-0 in the fourth quarter. A Ravens defense that dominated the game, was running out of gas. Ben Roethlisberger, who was returning from an injury, finally got it going. We had a competitive final quarter, but the Ravens dominated the game.

The Ravens now have their best streak ever against the Steelers. That’s a big deal. Year after year the battles between the Ravens and the Steelers can tell the story of the AFC North. The confidence that the Ravens feel against their divisional foe is a huge boost. Losing so many games to the Ravens has to weigh on the Steelers. When a familiar opponent dominates you, it becomes an emotional hurdle. The Ravens should know all about that, there was a time when Roethlisberger always sneaked the Steelers out of these games with a win.

The Ravens have won four straight games against the Steelers. I know, you know that already, but typing that is pure joy for me. The four game streak includes a playoff win in Pittsburgh. That postseason win represented the last remaining hurdle the Ravens had against the Steelers. The Ravens faithful once dreaded these games against Pittsburgh. Now the Ravens come out swinging with reckless abandon. The Steelers have to dread these games, because the Ravens have their number.

Today’s win saved the Ravens season, and took first place in the AFC North. While the 4-4 team may not be the most impressive division leader, everything is right in front of the Ravens. John Harbaugh’s team just needs to stay in front in a fairly flawed division. Once you get to the playoffs, anything is possible; just ask the 2012 Ravens.

This win was huge. Not only did it save the season from completely falling off the tracks, but it kept the Ravens edge over the Steelers in tact. The Ravens surely have the power in the rivalry. That’s something to celebrate. The Ravens have to get ready for the Cleveland Browns on Thursday. Fans can celebrate this game forever!

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