Baltimore Ravens Flashback: Ruining The Cowboys Party In 2008

The Cowboys wanted the Ravens in the last game ever at Texas Stadium.  Soon the Cowboys realized that the 2008 Ravens team wasn’t a pushover.

The 2008 Baltimore Ravens team was a very good one.  It was John Harbaugh’s first year as coach and Joe Flacco was just a rookie. It is a rumor that the Cowboys asked the league to have the Ravens play them in their final game ever at Texas Stadium.

Little did the Cowboys know that this Ravens team was no pushover and was gearing up for the playoffs. With Ray Lewis and Ed Reed leading the way, the Ravens were for real. The 2008 team went to the AFC Championship game and surprised many.

The Cowboys went up early, but Matt Stover’s four field goals helped the Ravens erase that deficit. Tony Romo threw two touchdowns and two interceptions, both to Ed Reed.

Ed Reed’s interceptions made a huge imprint on the outcome of this game.  The win was especially sweet because it was a little payback for Jason Garrett deciding to coach for the Cowboys after interviewing for the Ravens that past offseason.

The Ravens built the team around their defense. The offense was coming together under Joe Flacco.  All Flacco had to do was be a game manager and not make any critical mistakes that season.

Another thing to remember about this game was Derrick Mason’s toughness. Dealing with a hurting shoulder, Mason played a great game. Mason had six receptions for 66 and a touchdown. One thing the Ravens had a surplus of was veteran leadership. Mason taught a lot of Ravens what NFL toughness is all about.

The game was put away after two long touchdown runs by Le’Ron McClain and Willis McGahee.  Both players used their stiff arms to get away from the defenders and it worked.

It’s not every day you see back to back one possession drives that results in touchdowns, but the Ravens did it that night to ruin the Cowboys celebration of Texas Stadium.  McGahee’s run went for 77 yards while McClain’s run went for 82 yards.

That was a statement win for the Ravens who had to witness a closing ceremony for a stadium.  It propelled them into the playoffs and got them to the AFC Championship Game. Hopefully the Ravens can have a similar result on Sunday.

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