Baltimore Ravens: Bisciotti Sticking To His Guns A Bad Thing?

In the Ravens end of the year press conference, owner Steve Bisciotti stuck to his guns, but is that a good thing?

The Baltimore Ravens held much anticipated end of the year press conference today.

The 4 man panel of Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, and Dick Cass sat in front of reporters for over an hour, answering all kinds of questions. Bisciotti especially answered most of the questions, trying to give clarity to fans and outsiders of the organization.

If we learned anything today from the press conference it is that Biscotti is loyal man, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a good thing.

Sticking To His Staff

The Ravens owner knew he would get questions about the lack of changes on the Ravens coaching staff.

After last season, many fans and critics were calling for the firing of offensive coordinator Marty Morhinweg. Some also for defensive coordinator Dean Pees. Much to their displeasure, John Harbaugh announced after the last game of the season that the team would be keeping all 3 coordinators for next season.

When asked about the lack of changes, Bisciotti said “I didn’t get where I was by just firing people. I think it’s a bad model, especially in this business.”

He went as far to say that there might not even be “whole sale changes” even if the Ravens did not make the playoffs.

Come back to haunt them?

An 8-8 season is mediocre, especially to the Raven’s. I understand that Joe Flacco has dealt with a number of offensive coordinators in his career, but I just can’t see Mornhinweg being the guy. Even Bisciotti himself expressed his concern with the lack of identity in the run game.

It is not like Mornhinweg came into the position with 2-3 weeks left in the season. He was promoted to offensive coordinator after week 5 and had 12 weeks, including a bye, to establish his offensive identity. From what I saw, it is that he loves throwing the football. In a division like the AFC North, the Ravens need to establish a ground game. They have 2 backs in Terrance West and Kenneth Dixon who are more than capable of running the ball.

While I respect his loyalty to his coaching staff, I thought that changes needed to be made this off-season. The Ravens are not that far away from being contenders.

Ultimately Bisciotti can talk the talk, but the Ravens will need to walk the walk.

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