Atlanta Falcons vs. Oakland Raiders: Is Week 2 a must win?

The Atlanta Falcons are set to play the Oakland Raiders. Can the Falcons pull out a win?

Week one for the Atlanta Falcons was a very mixed game.  Matt Ryan and the defense looked to be improved yet the results were as disappointing especially considering the Falcons were in a position to win the game. Regardless, the Falcons have moved past the disappointment and are focusing solely on week 2 of the NFL season.

In week two, the Falcons will be facing a team looking for their second win in the Oakland Raiders.  Both the Falcons and the Raiders were expecting to be play-off contenders and still hope to be though both teams are more concerned after week one.

It is no secret that the Falcons have struggled to win games in their own division recently. With that in mind, this week is a must-win game for the Falcons. Week 3-4 will bring the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers. Neither team will be easy to beat and both have beaten the Falcons pretty handily in recent history.

The Raiders are not an easy team to beat by any means but they are a much softer opponent then the Carolina Panthers squad is that the Falcons will face in week four. If they Falcons want to have any hope of winning the division or claiming a playoff spot this season they will need a win in week two and to take at least one of their upcoming division battles.

The Falcons schedule is one of the toughest of any team’s this year featuring the Broncos, Packers, Seahawks, and as always the Panther twice. Considering their schedule and the week one performance this week’s game against the Oakland Raiders is a must-win game for the Atlanta Falcons.

To win this week the Falcons are going to have to find ways to limit the offense to field goals. Despite looking improved the Falcons allowed too many big plays that resulted in touchdowns for Tampa Bay. If they can limit the Raiders offense you have to feel good about the Falcon’s chances.

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