Atlanta Falcons: Prediction For Super Bowl LI

The Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots face off in Super Bowl LI. This game could be one of the best Super Bowls of all-time.

It is Super Bowl eve. Sunday night, the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots will square for battle. The winner will be immortalized forever in victory, while the loser will fade from our collective memories.

I can’t wait and I know the Falcons can’t either.

This team is special. In all the years watching Atlanta play football, no other team has shared this one’s resiliency. Falcon teams from the past would wilt under this enormous pressure; this one thrives in it.

Throughout this season they have wowed the world with their potent offense. An offense that could be the best of all-time. 

Enter the New England defense. A unit that leads the NFL in scoring defense, and has been impressive in their own right. Which ever one of these juggernauts comes out on top, will most likely determine the outcome of Super Bowl LI. Wondering who that will be? Lucky for you, that’s what I am here to tell you.

Every day since the Atlanta Falcons won the NFC, I have wondered what it would take to beat the Patriots. Luck? Science? Kidnapping Tom Brady? All of these are swell ideas, but none are realistic. The truth is, if the Falcons play their game, they will win this game.

It’s hard being an optimist for this franchise. After so many heartbreaking losses and rough patches, you could see why. But like I mentioned earlier, these Falcons are special. The brotherhood they have formed is more than a cheeky cliche made up by Dan Quinn.

It is the mantra these players live by and what gives this unit it’s purpose.

Sunday night at NRG Stadium in Houston will be a wild, emotional roller coaster ride. I, for one, hope my heart can take such a game. After blowing out the last two opponents, I believe Atlanta is in for a real barn-burner.

As mentioned ad nauseum, the Patriots have been here before and they deserve to be favored only for that reason.

If you were to ask me, I think the Atlanta Falcons are the more talented team. However, I think New England is slightly better on the coaching side of things (darn you, Bill Belichick). This matchup is truly a coin-flip, and one that could come down to the final play.


I am taking the Atlanta Falcons 31-28 over the New England Patriots. What I envision is a game-winning field goal from Matt Bryant as time expires after a brilliant offensive showcase from both teams. Brady will get his numbers, but so will Matt Ryan.

What will determine this game is turnovers, something the Falcons have been great at forcing the past few games. If they can force a fumble or interception at a key spot, they will be crowned Super Bowl champions.

After a near picture-perfect season, the Falcons will end it on top. Just like everyone thought they would be. (I’m looking at you, Heath Evans.)

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