Report: Turner ends fight between women

Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner broke up a fight at his mansion involving his new girlfriend, a golf club and a woman who claims to be the mother of his children, TMZ reported Tuesday.

When police were called to the Georgia residence Monday afternoon, they reportedly found Rasheeda Walker, 32, bleeding from the side of her head.

Walker claims she has two children with Turner and is pregnant with a third, according to a police report obtained by the entertainment website.

The report said Walker was upset that Turner refused to see the children and when she knocked on the front door of the house to speak to him she was confronted by his new girlfriend, Elizabeth Delacruz.

Walker told police Delacruz was wielding a golf club and shouting, "You at my house now, b—-."

Walker claimed she was able to grab the club away from Delacruz before the pair began fighting. Turner then broke up the scuffle.

Delacruz, however, told police Walker had sneaked into the house through an unlocked back door and it was only then that she grabbed the golf club.

Both women suffered scratches and minor head wounds, the police report said.

Neither wanted to press charges, but Walker was issued with a criminal trespass warning and advised to stay away.