Atlanta Falcons: Dwight Freeney isn’t a fan of Super Bowl week

Atlanta Falcons veteran defensive end Dwight Freeney didn’t hold back on the process that is Super Bowl week.

The Atlanta Falcons are a team that’s new to the Super Bowl process and the way it’s played. Although it’s not the franchise’s first trip to the game, the players on this roster are fairly new to it and are going through Super Bowl week for the first time in their careers. Dwight Freeney is one of those guys that isn’t new to the process.

Having won a Super Bowl with the Indianapolis Colts and having been in many playoff battles, the veteran pass rusher has been through it all in his career. That’s why when he was asked by reporters about the process that is Super Bowl week, Freeney wasn’t afraid to give his opinion about what he really thinks of it. Freeney told reporters via ProFootballTalk, that “the process honestly sucks.”

Freeney pointed out that having a week off isn’t like your typical bye week in the NFL and that you’re mind is so focused on the game that it’s hard to go through all the media stuff. While the younger guys are having fun with it, it’s not surprising to hear Freeney be vocal about the buildup to Super Bowl 51.

He’s a passionate player that wants to win another ring before the end of his career and that’s all that matters to him. Having to navigate through all the media interviews and other events mean nothing to him at this point in his career. He just wants to get out on the field and help his team try and win a Super Bowl.

Where Freeney will really help the Falcons is his familiarity with the New England Patriots. His battles with the Patriots for several years while he was with the Colts are memorable and he knows what Tom Brady is all about.

Having to go two weeks before playing the biggest game of their careers is tough for any team. The Patriots have been there several times before and likely just want to fast forward as well. The wait for the big game is tough for everyone but especially those that have fought that battle before.

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