Arizona’s Kolb practices on limited basis

Arizona quarterback Kevin Kolb practiced on a limited basis on

Wednesday, testing his injured right foot with some football moves

for the first time since he was hurt three games ago.

”It’s getting better obviously,” he said. ”Today I took some

individual work and started dropping on it a little bit. That’s a

big step for me.”

Kolb said ”gingerly” is a good word to describe how he moved

in the workout. He has missed two games with a turf toe and a

bruise on the side of the foot. Combined, the injuries cause pain

when he plants to throw and when he moves around.

”It is frustrating. I didn’t expect it to take this long,” he

said. ”I didn’t know much about the injury when it first happened.

My injuries have always been a broken bone or the concussion, which

is pretty straight forward on the recovery time, so this is a

little bit frustrating for me. But I’m glad that we are on a

two-game winning streak during this time. It’s pretty sweet.”

Backup John Skelton has been at the controls in those victories

as Arizona ended a six-game skid. Skelton, in his second NFL

season, is 4-2 as a starter. His two fourth-quarter touchdown

passes led Arizona to a 21-17 victory at Philadelphia on Sunday,

snapping the Cardinals’ 11-game road losing streak. Arizona is at

NFC West leader San Francisco next Sunday.

Kolb praised the backup’s performance.

”I think he’s playing great,” he said. ”The mistakes he is

making, he’s bouncing right back and forgetting about them like you

have to do and making big time throws there at the end of the game

to put us in a position to win.”

Skelton threw two interceptions, the first returned for a

touchdown, but led Arizona on scoring drives on the next possession

both times.

”I’m doing a lot of things well, especially there in the fourth

quarter,” he said, ”but I spotted them 10 points with the two

interceptions, which really hurt us. Luckily our defense bailed me

out. It’s just overall trying to improve on what’s been hurting


As long as Kolb is hurt, coach Ken Whisenhunt feels no need to

address the issue of whether there is a question about who should

be the starter if both are healthy.

”If it’s a problem, then it’s a good problem to have,”

Whisenhunt said. ”It means John did his job. We’ve done a lot of

things better, which is what we needed to do. It’s a good problem

to have.”

Asked what he thought of those who say he should be the starter

regardless, Skelton was exceedingly diplomatic.

”Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I guess,” he said.

”What happens in-house is between the team, everyone in this

building. I know Kevin is doing everything he can to get healthy.

It was nice to see him out there doing a little work today. We’ll

just play it day by day and see what happens.”