Arizona Cardinals: Time to have fun again

The Arizona Cardinals play host to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday afternoon in Glendale

The Arizona Cardinals have struggled a bit this season.  That much is already known.  They’ve had injury issues.  We all certainly know about that.

What we don’t know is, despite the four losses and the tie, are the Cardinals having any fun?  Last year even in down times it appeared the Cardinals were loose and having fun.  This year?  Not so sure.

Yes, the quarterbacks seem to be continuing with their weekly tradition of whoever doesn’t throw a ball into a bucket across the field has to dress up weird on Sunday’s at home or on the plane ride on road trips.  It is fun to see that hasn’t gone anywhere.

Other than that though, are the Cardinals trying too hard?  Some have questioned effort but that’s not been an issue in my eyes.  It is a lack of focus and execution when it matters the most.

The Cardinals despite the injuries are leaps and bounds better as a whole than many other teams. What they aren’t doing is closing out games.  They also can blame slow starts.

You can blame officials, injuries, whatever you want but in the end with the exception of the Buffalo and Carolina games, the Cardinals have had their opportunities to finish and get the victory.

This weekend they host the San Francisco 49ers.  This is a team they should beat.  Notice I said should.  Not much that should have happened has happened so far.

With maybe the easiest game left on their schedule, they need to get the victory on Sunday to carry them into a tough two-game road trip at Minnesota and Atlanta before coming home in three weeks to play the Washington Redskins. In other words, it is another must win on Sunday if they want to entertain thoughts of postseason.

Easier said than done, that’s why they play the games.  However a win, even against a 1-7 49ers team, can go a long way in turning the team confidence around and starting to have fun again.

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