Arizona Cardinals: Snappy replacement

The Arizona Cardinals have signed a replacement at long snapper

That didn’t take long.  Just hours after cutting rookie long snapper Kameron Canaday, the Arizona Cardinals found his replacement.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Cardinals came to an agreement with long snapper Aaron Brewer. Brewer was last with the Chicago Bears.

Brewer signed with the Bears back in March after being released by the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos.  He signed a one-year deal with the Bears, however he was cut just after the preseason ended.

Brewer spent four seasons with the Broncos as their long snapper.  He was the long snapper on duty for kicker Matt Prater’s 64-yard field goal in December 2013.

The need for a veteran like Brewer was needed.  He isn’t the next coming.  He isn’t the end all to be all, at least not yet.

After Sunday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills, coach Bruce Arians hinted a change may be coming.  After Canaday struggled over the first three weeks of the 2016 season, the time was now to make a move.

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Hopefully Canaday gets another shot someday.  For now, a struggling rookie is not the right fit at any position for a team that has Super Bowl aspirations and are struggling to win games.

Also, let’s cool it with the complaints until we actually see Brewer play.  Reading comments on social media, some fans believe the Cardinals could have done better, yet offer no options of who else the Cardinals could have picked up.

With practice the next three days, it was necessary to bring in Canaday’s replacement as soon a possible.  This gives Brewer time to become acclimated to the Cardinals and his new teammates.

Maybe he works out in the end?  Maybe he doesn’t?  However you have to give it up to the Cardinals for at least trying.  They want to win and they recognize fans desire to see a winner. Brewer can’t be any worse.  Give him a chance.

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