Arizona Cardinals: Quigley down under and out

The Arizona Cardinals replaced their punter again on Tuesday going back to an old face

While I’m not going to lose my mind over a punter like some local media and fans have today, I will ask a simple question.  Why?  The Arizona Cardinals made a roster change on Tuesday that makes very little sense.

They released punter Ryan Quigley and went back to Drew Butler.  Butler had been released earlier this season in favor of Quigley.

Due to an injury settlement, Butler had to wait six weeks before being eligible to return to the Cardinals.  This sure sounds like a settlement alright.

While Quigley wasn’t blowing the world away with his numbers, he certainly hadn’t cost the Cardinals any games yet.  I had heard very few complaints.

As for Butler, the Cardinals say he provides good field goal kicking backup.  Say what?  Are they expecting something to happen to kicker Chandler Catanzaro?  Better yet, did something happen to him we don’t know about yet?

It is interesting the Cardinals pointed to that as one of the main reasons for Butler’s return.  Butler certainly had his share of mistakes the first time around.  Again, he wasn’t the worst punter I’d ever seen but they almost certainly has to be better out there, right?

This almost sounds like a move just to make a move.  It’s stops and make one wonder what is going on down in Tempe at team headquarters? It also seems like a very odd time to bring him back.

While I get they had to wait six weeks, nothing else makes sense here.  Did they truly always want Butler back?  If so, why the injury settlement?  Carry two punters.  They’ve done it before.

Fans wanted Butler gone two seasons ago.  The Cardinals keep going back to him.  Well, we’ll see if it pays off.  I won’t lose sleep over it.  I sure hope none of you do either.

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