Arizona Cardinals: Practice squad possibilities

The Arizona Cardinals could re-sign some of the players they cut on Saturday

Arizona Cardinals team president Michael Bidwill called this year’s roster the most talented since he took over running the team.  With the talent that was cut on Saturday, you can see why that assessment was made.

The Cardinals let some very good talent go, some talent that could have easily made an NFL roster elsewhere.  Those cut may just have that opportunity.  A player must clear waivers to be available for picking for the practice squad.

Another team could pick up a guy like running back Kerwynn Williams for their regular 53-man roster.  He’s a guy I’m sure the Cardinals will look at keeping in the fold if he clears waivers.

There are also other candidates from the group the Cardinals waived that could be brought back to the practice squad.  Keep in mind as well though that the Cardinals will be scouring the waiver wire and pluck guys that were cut from other teams as well.

The Cardinals 10-man practice squad will include a mix of players they had in camp and players in positions of depth from other teams.  I suspect though four or five cut by the Cardinals will be part of the squad.

Those who the Cardinals could look at keeping other than Williams include receivers Chris Hubert and Jaxon Shipley.  Cornerback Harlan Miller will likely get some consideration as well.  He was the only Cardinals 2016 draft pick not to make the 53-man roster.

Running back Elijhaa Penny might get a look in Arizona or elesewhere.  Penny rushed for 113 yards and a touchdown the other night in the preseason finale.

The Cardinals could also add linebacker Shaq Riddick, who has two years or less of accrued NFL service, a stipulation of the practice squad rules.  He was a rookie in 2015.

One guy who won’t be eligible is quarterback Matt Barkley.  He has three years of accrued NFL service, thus making him ineligible.  It’s almost a certainty though the Cardinals will add a quarterback to the practice squad to ensure there is a third quarterback around in case of emergency.

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