Arizona Cardinals: Patrick Peterson covers Julio Jones again

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson returns to scene of one of his worst professional days ever

A lot of things had started going south for the Arizona Cardinals by the time week 13 of the 2014 season had rolled around when the Cardinals visited the Atlanta Falcons. The secondary seemed like one of those areas that could be counted on.

Well, when the Cardinals stepped on the field that late November Sunday, they not only had to deal with no Carson Palmer at quarterback and an injury to starting running back Andre Ellington, they also had to deal with a career day by both Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and receiver Julio Jones.

That day, Ryan threw 30-41 for 361 yards and two touchdowns.  One of those touchdowns was caught by Jones. Jones caught 10 passes that afternoon for 189-yards.  The man covering Jones most of the day?  Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson.

Peterson hopefully remembers that day but also forgets that day.  Hopefully he has put it past him and expects to have a much different outcome this Sunday in Atlanta.

The Cardinals playoff hopes are counting on a big performance by Peterson.  If Peterson and the Cardinals allow another duo performance like that on Sunday, they should start marking their offseason travel plans now.

A loss will almost assuredly keep the Cardinals home this postseason.  A victory keeps the Cardinals in the thick of the playoff race with the Washington Redskins, current owners of the NFC’s sixth-seed, sitting on the horizon next Sunday in Glendale.

First thing is first however.  The Cardinals need a big road victory on Sunday.  Yes, the offense needs to do its part but the defense will have their hands full with the entire Falcons offense.

Peterson has two interceptions this season.  Another one or two on Sunday would help the cause towards victory.  With a 1-8 record in the Georgia Dome however, the Cardinals defense will need to bring their “A” game, meaning few mistakes.  It starts with a huge day from Peterson.

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