Arizona Cardinals: Know thy enemy

The Arizona Cardinals take on the New England Patriots on Sunday night, so we sat down with Musket Fire editor Connor Fulton to talk about the Patriots

We asked five questions leading into this Sunday night’s game at University of Phoenix Stadium featuring the Arizona Cardinals hosting the New England Patriots.

Raising Zona: What are the expectations for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo?
Musket Fire: 2-2. I think that’s reasonable enough, as expecting Jimmy G to beat the Cardinals is a bit of a tall order. I’d like to see him hold his own on Sunday night even if he loses, but then win two out of the next three against the Dolphins, Texans and Bills.
Raising Zona: The Patriots injury list is rather extensive.  What is your assessment of the current injuries and who is in danger of not playing Sunday night?
Musket Fire: Ah yes, injuries… honestly, the Patriots dodged some bullets with Malcolm Mitchell and Rob Ninkovich (although he will be suspended the first four games) avoiding season-ending injuries. Of course, Gronk heads the list right now after saying he isn’t 100% with a hamstring nagging him; he is in some danger to not play Sunday night simply because the Pats may not want to test him so early in the year. We’ll see.
Raising Zona: So much was made of nothing about Carson Palmer’s comments about Tom Brady the other day.  What are your thoughts about his comments?
Musket Fire: Palmer is a pro’s pro; he goes about his business and doesn’t mind others all that much, which I respect. He sees things pretty simply, that Brady broke a rule and is suffering the consequences, and it’s hard to argue with that. Now, the consequences may be a LITTLE steep, and I think Palmer would agree if you pressed him on it.
Raising Zona: Which Arizona Cardinal are you most concerned with going into Sunday night?
Musket Fire: Easily David Johnson. He’s looking like the next Adrian Peterson in many ways, as he can catch as well as he can run. He boasts a nice blend of power, size and speed.
Raising Zona:What is your prediction for the game?
Musket Fire: As a Patriots writer, I have to go with the Pats winning even though earlier I expect Jimmy G to struggle. The Pats will overcome two Jimmy G interceptions, riding two LeGarrette Blount touchdowns and a Cyrus Jones punt return score for a final score of…
Patriots 31, Cardinals 20

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