WATCH: Clay Matthews is ice cold after knocking down Carson Palmer

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer was reminded on Sunday that the gridiron isn’t the best place to make new friends. After getting crushed by Clay Matthews on a throw-away, he thought the hard-nosed Green Bay Packers linebacker was going to help him back up to his feet.

Matthews, who extended his hand first, pulled away just as Palmer reached out — an ice-cold gesture from one NFL veteran to another.

Matthews probably got a giggle out of this little stunt, but Palmer got a hearty laugh out of this trip to the red zone. On the very next play, he found wide receiver John Brown for a seven-yard touchdown, which gave the Cardinals a 17-0 lead going into the halftime break.

Already bitter before the play, Matthews must have been fuming after Palmer exacted his sweet revenge. The Cardinals blew out the Packers.  

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