Arizona Cardinals: Draft talk is just that

Arizona Cardinals fans, media have their ideas on who they’d like to see the team pick in the 2017 NFL Draft

The best part of the time between now and April as an Arizona Cardinals fan is none of us have any idea what the team will actually do come draft day.  Mock drafts are fun.  Talking and dreaming is fun.

What the Cardinals do in reality though will be a completely different thing as we’ve come to see in recent drafts.  After Monday night’s Clemson victory in the NCAA Championship Game, many are talking about their stars.

Their stars, quarterback DeShaun Watson and receiver Mike Williams, are being talked about a lot. Many have suggested the Cardinals look to draft either one of them.  No doubt both of them would fit nicely in Arizona.

I doubt either player ends up in Arizona however.  The Cardinals have expressed they will be looking for their future quarterback this offseason for when Carson Palmer retires.

That doesn’t necessarily spell out Watson.  I suggested a few days ago it could be Notre Dame’s Deshone Kizer.  Of course, I’ll be wrong.

The Cardinals need at least one receiver.  Mike Williams would look great in Bruce Arians’ offense. He won’t end up a Cardinals receiver.

Now, these guys will be on the Cardinals board but who is ahead of them?  Will either one of those players even be around come time for the 13th pick to be made in the first round?

It sure is fun to dream though.  Watson is better than his critics will tell you and probably not as good as his supporters would like you to believe.  He could do well in Arizona in 2018 and beyond though.

Certainly there will be no disappointment if either players ends up in Arizona.  However if you are banking on it, prepare to be disappointed.  We still have over three months to chat.

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