Arizona Cardinals: Carson Palmer finding groove

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer not the reason for team decline

In the midst of getting beat up on Sunday afternoon in Charlotte, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer was on his way to the best game he’s played in 2016.  It may be the best one since coming to Arizona in 2013.

Some may point to the fact he threw an interception late to Carolina Panthers defensive end Kony Ealy, but it was really a great play by him.  Palmer ended up throwing 46 times, completing 35 of those passes.

He thread the needle several times.  He threw three very good touchdown passes, two to receiver J.J. Nelson and another to receiver John Brown.

Palmer, despite being sacked eight times, kept getting up.  If there was ever a doubt that he couldn’t stand being hit and was soft, this game should put those doubts to rest.

Palmer hasn’t had the best of seasons, he’ll likely be the first to tell you that.  However he is not the reason the Cardinals are 3-4-1.  Even in Buffalo where he threw four interceptions, he was trying desperately to get the Cardinals back in a game they weren’t in very long.

You can pin one maybe two of the interceptions on Palmer in that disaster of a fourth quarter. Outside of that one quarter, Palmer has thrown just two interceptions this season. He has 10 touchdowns and six interceptions in 2016.

Without the fourth quarter in Buffalo, I imagine there would be fewer doubters.  Now, the fourth quarter did happen, so it counts and it should.   The Cardinals should have been able to go in and handle business.

That’s one really bad quarter in seven games.  Sure, he’s had some possible interceptions dropped. That happens to every quarterback.  Before anyone continues to mutter anything else negative about Palmer, without him though the Cardinals have one win.

He’s not the MVP candidate we saw in 2015.  Certainly that can be seen as well. Look at the rest of the roster though.  It’s a team game.  The team lost four games and tied one.  Feel blessed the Cardinals still have Palmer until the Cardinals can get their next quarterback.  Palmer is the reason there is still hope in 2016.

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