Bruce Arians cut a Cardinals player for parking in the wrong spot

Bruce Arians is one of the most well-liked coaches in all of football, and he’s pretty good at that whole winning thing, too. He takes coaching very seriously, as most do in the NFL. Not every coach would cut a player for parking in the wrong spot.

That’s what Arians did this offseason after making it abundantly clear to his players that doing so is a big no-no. Here’s what he said on the first episode of "All or Nothing," a series on Amazon chronicling the Arizona Cardinals’ offseason much like "Hard Knocks."

Lawrence Okoye was the player who broke Arians’ rule, and he paid for it. Later in the series, Okoye was cut for his mistake.

That’s probably the worst way to get cut from an NFL roster. But hey, rules are rules. And Arians made it explicitly clear that parking in the wrong spot is one rule not to break.