Arizona Cardinals: Bruce Arians back home after health scare

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians went to the hospital after return from Minnesota 

The loss the Arizona Cardinals suffered on Sunday to the Minnesota Vikings means so little in the scheme of things.  Not after head coach Bruce Arians suffered chest pains upon return from the road trip Sunday.

After returning home, Arians complained of chest pains to his wife and was taken to the hospital. After tests found nothing wrong, he was able to return home on Monday evening.

Even though his tests were considered “favorable” and now home, just how important is one’s health, even living the life of an NFL coach? No doubt the piling losses have created some stress.

With expectations high for the Cardinals in 2016, those expectations have fallen flat.  Although still aways from being completely out of contention, the idea of a postseason for the Cardinals is fading fast with each passing week.

Arians did appear to be a bit stressed on Sunday on the sidelines.  His face turned red several times after questionable calls.  It likely hasn’t been easy coaching a team of players who have performed inconsistently all season.

Either way, team president Michael Bidwill has indicated Arians will be back to work soon.  Let’s not hope there is a rush, although reports are he will be back at work as early as Tuesday.

That’s the life of an NFL coach, in the hospital one day, on the football field the next.  We all pray for coach Arians to be healthy.  We all hope he is still standing upright on the sideline after the last regular season game in Los Angeles on January 2nd.

Arians and the Cardinals now must prepare to face the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta on Sunday.  If the loss at Minnesota didn’t convince you the Cardinals chances are fading fast, a loss in Atlanta should cement that.  Right there is reason why Arians is coming back this week.

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