Ellington: Ripped hair didn’t hurt

Apparently, getting your dreads ripped out isn’t as

painful as you would think.

That’s according to Cardinals running back Andre

Ellington, who had a handful of his dreadlocks forcibly yanked out

by Jacksonville’s Jason Babin on Sunday. It didn’t look

like the most pleasant experience, but the rookie said later that

he barely felt a thing.

“As far as him pulling it out, it didn’t hurt at

all,” Ellington said. “I took bigger hits than


Babin tossed the dreads onto the field after presenting them to

the crowd like a gladiator, but Cardinals defensive end Frostee

Rucker was nice enough to retrieve the chunk of hair and return it

to his teammate. Ellington tweeted after the game that he plans to

have the dreads sewn back in.