Archie Manning: I’d root for Peyton over Saints

With the Saints and Colts both undefeated, Archie Manning keeps

hearing the question: Who would he root for in a Super Bowl between

his old team and his son’s club?

The answer is easy for the former New Orleans quarterback. As

Manning says, “The Saints are third on my list.” Tied for first,

of course, are the squads quarterbacked by his sons, Peyton’s

Indianapolis Colts and Eli’s New York Giants.

Not that Manning isn’t thrilled by the success of his former

club, for which he starred on losing teams. He still lives in the

hurricane-battered city, where long-suffering fans are captivated

by the Saints’ 12-0 start.

“They’re no phonies. They’re for real,” Manning said of the

Saints on Wednesday at the Intercollegiate Athletics Forum.

“That’s what so great for the city.”