AP interviews of NFL players about concussions

The Associated Press recently interviewed 44 NFL players – at

least one from each of the league’s 32 teams – to gauge whether

concussion safety and attitudes about head injuries have changed in

the past two years.

Of those who participated in the Dec. 14-22 interviews, 33 are

starters, 11 are reserves; 25 play on offense, 19 play on defense;

all have been in the league at least three seasons.

The questions and answers, along with the number of


Specifically with regard to concussions, is playing in the NFL

safer, more dangerous or the same as it was in 2009, when the issue

first began to get a lot of attention?

-Safer: 28

-Same: 13

-More Dangerous: 2

-Not sure: 1

If you get what you think could be a concussion, do you think

you would hide it and try to stay in the game or immediately pull

yourself out?

-Hide It: 23

-Immediately Leave: 21

Is that a change from 2009?

-Yes: 7

-No: 26

-No Answer: 11

Can more be done to protect players from head injuries?

-Yes: 18

-No: 24

-No Answer: 2

Should the NFL have independent neurologists at games to examine

players and determine whether they should be held out because of


-Yes: 31

-No: 10

-No Answer: 3