Cromartie’s wife tweets frustration

Terricka Cason


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Some wives might be satisfied to simply ask their husbands,

“How was your day at work, honey?”

Not Terricka Cason.

She offered her own commentary Sunday on how her husband’s

day at the office went, via Twitter. And because her husband is New

York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie, she drew more than a little


(Not that she seems adverse to attention. On her Twitter page,

Cason describes herself as “E! CandY Girl, Actress, Model,

Dancer, Host, wife to NY JeTs Antonio Cromartie, Jordy, Jurzie

& Jagger’s Mommy.” She was featured on a former reality

show called “Candy Girls,” about women who were in

demand to appear on rap videos. Yes, that’s her at the right.)

There was this observation on the big day for Cincinnati Bengals

quarterback Andy Dalton, who threw for five touchdowns in a 49-9

victory: “Dalton making this s— look like pop


She also had some other rather

NSFW conversations and observations .

And she expressed her frustration further:

After some back and forth with fans who didn’t appreciate

her commentary, Cason in the end still showed support for the




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