Antonio Cromartie: Odell Beckham Jr. a ‘one hit wonder’

Antonio Cromartie of the New York Jets is not impressed with Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants.
Al Bello/Getty Images

By Rachel Wold

It must be the week to call Odell Beckham Jr. names.

Earlier this week, Bills defenders referred to OBJ a “prima donna” and “golden boy” after he tossed a punch at linebacker Preston Brown last Sunday.

Perhaps Beckham’s head is beginning to swell just a tad since he does have the most receiving yards of any NFL player over the course of 16 consecutive games. And, he was voted the face of Madden 16, and he won NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Honors — the list goes on and on.

Despite all of that, New York Jets quarterback Antonio Cromartie is not exactly sold on Beckham.

“Cause right now he’s a one-year wonder,” Cromartie said Friday on ESPN. “It’s just one year.”

Cromartie said he needs to see more to be really impressed.

“I need to see it on an every-game basis,” Cromartie said. “Not him getting penalties or something like that or sucker-punching somebody. I think it’s all about how you carry yourself throughout your whole entire career.”

Cromartie did acknowledge that he does have the “utmost” respect for Becham’s personal achievements which include 115 receptions, 1,612 yards and 14 touchdowns over the time span of 16 games. Additionally, Cromartie said that Beckham’s production was the best he had seen in a wide receiver since Randy Moss.

Still fiery on the subject though, Cro had more to dish at Beckham.

“But you have to do it week in and week out and depend on that person,” Cromartie said. “No matter if you’re getting double- or triple-teamed. Moss didn’t complain when he got double- or triple-teamed, and people went after him also.”

Beckham really shouldn’t be complaining either, because it wasn’t so long ago that he said that double-teaming him was not going to stop his production. We didn’t know at that time OBJ’s method of fighting off defenders was to throw punches.

We’ll see if Beckham brushes off  Cromartie’s nickname like he did when he said he didn’t mind being called a “prima donna.”

Or, maybe he’ll decide to take a jab back, figuratively speaking.

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