Another stat revealing the Browns’ overall struggles since 1999

The Cleveland Browns dropped yet another home game to the Pittsburgh Steelers, revealing a shocking statistic.

The Cleveland Browns are officially at rock bottom and digging deeper as an 0-16 season is within sight.

The latest installment in the winless season came this Sunday, with an embarrassing 24-9 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The loss itself was brutal, but a certain statistic from the game reminds fans just how bad things have been since 1999.

That’s right, Ben Roethlisberger is now tied for the most wins in Cleveland since 1999. Once again, a quarterback who plays in Cleveland once a year has won more games than any other quarterback, other than Derek Anderson. He also holds a 20-2 record against the Browns. And some still call this a rivalry game.

It is almost hard to believe that no Cleveland quarterback has won at least 11 home games since 1999, until one remembers that there are national jokes about the amount of Browns starting quarterbacks since the team returned to Cleveland.

To make things even worse, Joe Flacco is third on the list with seven wins, only beat out by Tim Couch, who has eight.

This mark is no surprise, simply serving as a reminder of how bad this franchise is. It is almost unfair to compare this iteration of the Browns to the franchise that came into existence in 1946, as the two are incomparable in terms of success

Browns fans have been let down by upper management since 1999, being forced to watch a lackluster on-field product. And instead of learning from these mistakes, the same ones seem to be repeated each year.

Look no further than Roethlisberger’s new feat to see why some are beginning to question if this team will ever be great again. If fans have been let down for the better part of two decades, why should we believe anything will change soon?

Well, the only choice now is to hope the current front office brings some talent to town in 2017, because another 0-11 start next year will certainly lead to another front office overhaul, which may be enough to alienate fans in droves.

Just one win this season would be enough to stop the mass panic surrounding a potential 0-16 season. And although it would not change the fact an opposing quarterback holds a Browns home record, it would at least give the team something positive to build upon moving forward.

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