NFL players react to Andrew Luck’s record-breaking contract

Andrew Luck became a very wealthy man on Wednesday, as the Indianapolis Colts announced they had signed their quarterback to a new deal for six years and $140 million.

That contract reportedly guarantees Luck $87 million and will make him the highest-paid player in the NFL. And as you might expect, Luck’s football-playing brethren were pretty interested to hear the news:

It makes sense that football players both on the Colts and around the league would be happy for the three-time Pro Bowler. A contract like Luck’s indicates just how much money there is floating around the league, and a high tide lifts all boats. Prince Amukamara said it best: Luck’s deal means it’s game on for NFL players looking to get paid.

Now, we have just two questions for Luck and the Colts. First, is there enough money left to upgrade the offensive line and keep him upright in 2016? And second, does this mean he can finally get the table-tennis machine that Luck has always wanted? Please say yes please say yes please say yes.