An oral history of Eli Manning’s awkward post-game presser

Five ago, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning had a lonely press conference following a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.
Bill McCay/Getty Images

By Eddie Maisonet

If You Saw “C’Mon Man!” and you’re wondering if that guy with the backpack was me … it was. That was not how I planned to make my television debut, but I’ll take it. — Jason Clinkscales, following the Philadelphia Eagles' epic comeback vs. the New York Giants in 2010

On this edition of The Versus Podcast, we were lucky to have TSFJ’s senior editor Jason Clinkscales in the KNBR studios to recount the day when he and Eli Manning were the only people at a New York Giants' post-game press conference five years ago. Which press conference are we talking about? C’mon man, you know which one we’re referring to.

What were the events that took place before the conference? What was up with that backpack? Has Eli ever recovered from that monumental presser? (Hint: Yes.) Listen here.

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