Allen Robinson stymied once again, can’t get going in 2016

Allen Robinson finished Week 13 with just three receptions for 31 yards and couldn’t quite make an impact once again.

After gifting an interception to Chris Harris Jr. in a frustrating matchup, Allen Robinson’s day got worse. He failed to get open consistently, hauling in just three of nine total targets and failing to get calls from the officials on pass interference.

With the memory of the failed call against Stephon Gilmore in Week 12 still fresh on Jags fans minds, it’s fair that they were upset about the lack of calls in Week 13.

Allen Robinson was upset too, sarcastically calling the referees “amazing” following the game against the Denver Broncos. It’s a tough criticism as players continue to get away with plenty of physicality on the wide receiver.

Sometimes you get some but sometimes you don’t. A-Rob let the officials have it after a failure to call pass interference on a fourth down play, resulting in a 15-yard penalty when he took his helmet off.

There’s some clear frustration going on. After becoming a sensation in 2015, Robinson only has just above 600 yards in 12 games this season and only six touchdowns. That’s far off the mark for a guy with 14 TDs in 2015 and 1400 yards.

The frustration is bleeding over. Robinson has always played physically and beat out secondary players to make tough catches. Now the catches are tougher as he’s being harassed on almost every play, but he isn’t getting the calls for holding and pass interference that a top wide receiver would generally expect.

While it isn’t great to whine about the need for those calls, it’s certainly understandable that the Jags and Robinson deserve some kind of consistency in calling holding and pass interference. It’s clear that players are draped on Robinson in game after game.

So far, it’s working. Defenses are limiting Robinson and successfully taking him out of games. It’s frustrating but Week 13 showed yet again that he can be stymied by that strategy.

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