Allen Robinson’s rebound lost amid terrible collapse, defeat

Allen Robinson hasn’t played like the stud wide receiver the Jacksonville Jaguars need him to be, but did rebound in Week 3.

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t looked quite like their 2015 selves in 2016. In particular, Allen Robinson’s inability to win his matchups and make the same kinds of circus catches that the team had gotten used to was difficult to watch.

Fortunately, it looks like Robinson may be back to being the reliable, exciting player he was in 2015.

Robinson hauled in seven of 11 targets against the Baltimore Ravens for 57 yards and two touchdowns. The yardage doesn’t stand out, but the two touchdowns were the first the Jags receiver has had all season long.

Hopefully, Robinson will be able to turn the touchdowns into some momentum to return to form and completely dominate games. Quarterback Blake Bortles looked his way more than any other player against the Ravens and was rewarded for it.

If Robinson hopes to be even better, he’ll have to come down with more balls. Even in tough situations, the best wide receivers in the NFL are able to catch (much) more than 50 percent of their targets. Robinson has now caught just 15 of 31.

2016 was supposed to be a year for Robinson to build on a strong sophomore campaign, not regress. Week 3 may be the catalyst for Robinson to begin building 2016 into a truly impressive season. He rebounded even though Bortles had a meltdown at quarterback.

Like Yannick Ngakoue‘s progress as a pass rusher, Robinson’s further development shouldn’t be washed out by a painful loss. Look for him to get back to form in the coming weeks. He’s currently on pace for 80 catches and under 1000 yards, but we all know he can do better than that.

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