Allen Robinson is catching less than 50% of balls through two weeks

Allen Robinson wins matchups more than he loses them, which makes him a key part of the Jacksonville Jaguars offense, but he hasn’t been able to win too often in 2016.

Jump balls were a staple for the Jacksonville Jaguars offense in 2015. Allen Robinson was the preeminent receiver in that regard, bringing down ball after ball for big gains and making it all look too easy.

The circus catches continued through the 2016 preseason and Robinson looked ready to deliver for the 2016 regular season. We noted that he needed to improve his catch rate and expected him to take another step in year three.

Instead, we’ve seen Robinson taken out of games and winning his matchups less than he wins them thus far.

Robinson has predictably been the top target for the Jaguars (20 targets through two games) but has only hauled in nine passes (three-way tie for second on the team). He hasn’t made the ridiculous plays he made in the preseason.

While he has made some clutch plays (particularly on fourth downs against the Green Bay Packers in Week 1), he has been far from the dominant receiver he was expected to be.

With nine catches for 126 yards and zero touchdowns through two games, plenty of Jags fans and fantasy football owners are scratching their heads. He has the opportunities but he hasn’t been able to bring in the passes.

The only other wide receiver or tight end on the Jags roster who hasn’t caught 60 percent of his targets or better is Rashad Greene (40 percent). Robinson is barely better at 45 percent.

Robinson has been asked to deliver hard catches. He has been asked to be almost the entire offense (especially late in the game against the Packers). He has been asked to win against cornerbacks on balls that are essentially 50/50.

But he’s been asked to do these things because he is good enough to deliver. So far, he hasn’t.

There’s something wrong with Allen Robinson, and it isn’t just strep throat. He isn’t the guy we hoped he would be through two games. Hopefully he can put it together in the coming weeks.

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