Alex Smith says 49ers success ‘wasn’t going to last forever’

Alex Smith knew the 49ers were going to have a tough time keeping all thier players. 

Tom Puskar/AP

Ex-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was part of some really good 49ers teams. There were stars all over the field, but Smith knew there was no way they could maintain all their best players. 

Smith was at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course on Tuesday, where he talked about the 49ers rough offseason and reflected on his time in San Francisco. 

“I knew, for sure, some of those defensive players we wouldn’t be able to keep around, just contract-wise and years-wise, like Dashon (Goldson) and Justin (Smith),” Smith said, via Mercury News.

“You knew some of that wasn’t going to last forever,” Smith continued. “We weren’t going to be able to hold it altogether from a cap standpoint and the years standpoint. You knew that was going to change.”

Smith went on to talk about his time with coach Jim Harbaugh and how important he was to his career. He said Harbaugh could really relate to the quarterback position.  

“That’s the thing I really appreciated about him: he had such a good understanding of the minutia that can be back there, and you’re trying to sort it out and make good decisions,” Smith said. “You do control so much. You have the ball in your hands, and you can change the game like that, good and bad.

“It’s a lot of responsibility, and it’s not always clear. He did a good job trying to coach through all that and all the different scenarios.”

(h/t Mercury News)